Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World of Good, Rescue Style

Bless me, Father, for I has sinned. It's been nearly three years since I've WOGged.

Longtime and beloved friend of the blog, Foxfier, our Precentor of Measurements, showed me this story of an amazing rescue in Japan.
The sound of a baby’s cry amid the rubble seemed so impossible that soldiers searching a tsunami-smashed village dismissed it as a mistake.

But it came again. And they realised they had not been hearing things.

They pulled away wood and slate, dug back thick oozing mud – and there was the child they were to describe as a ‘tiny miracle’ ...

One of them picked her up in his arms, wrapped her in a blanket which had been handed to him and cradled the child as his colleagues crowded around, not believing that someone as young as this had survived when all hope had been lost.

The tiniest survivor was cold and wet and crying, but she is believed to have suffered no other injuries. Why she did not drown remained a mystery.

But the soldiers were somehow able to trace her overjoyed father, who had been taking refuge in his wrecked home with the rest of his family.
Japan is filled with amazing rescue stories, but this one is particularly surprising. I wouldn't think a 4-month-old baby could last that long. She must have had Help.

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Foxfier said...

Heaven knows there's enough bad coming out to choke on.

Creative Minority Report shared the story.

Mutnodjmet said...

KT: A couple of posts I discovered that I thought you might like to read:



Foxfier said...

The Marian Apparition one is a bit misleading-- I found two cities named Yuzawa-- the one in Akita Prefecture is way north of Sendai (which was basically on-level with the earth quake some 80 miles out to sea in the west) and closer to the east coast, while the one in Minamiuonuma District, Niigata Prefecture is way south of Sendai, also closer to the east coast. (The first one is probably the right one.)

For that matter, Akita itself IS a coast town-- just the wrong coast, and over 120 miles from Sendai. It's even further north.

They are all on the same island, I just don't like it when an article gives the impression that things are really close and in the same sort of danger when they're not all that close.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the outstanding comments! I'll follow up on these.