Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dig this.


Foxfier said...

A lot of that would be so awesome....

Mostly Nothing said...

A lot of cool stuff there. But I *NEVER* want to be that connected.

A couple of things I didn't like. I will not have a TV in my bedroom. And what was that 50 in!

And second. The controls for the stove are circles on the surface, just like the heating elements? What if you touch the wrong spot? What if you boil something over, and it pours out all over? How do you turn it off?

I've been seeing "visionaries" speak about stuff like this for 20 years now. this one looks much more practical usages, not sure about a dashboard made out of glass though.

tim eisele said...

Very pretty overall.

1. Glass house. Absolutely *no* stone throwing!

2. Why wasn't any of the cookware glass?

3. I agree with Mostly Nothing: that degree of connectivity would be deeply annoying and more than a little creepy.

4. Did you ever notice how many of the people who appear in advertising, are advertising executives putting together ad campaigns?

K T Cat said...

I didn't think of the heating element thing. I just liked their seamless vision for how they want the world to work and how they are a part of it. When it was over, I felt like Corning knew where it was going. I wanted to invest in it and work there. Not that I actually would, but the video made me feel that way.

Foxfier said...

Nobody's mentioned the gazillion dollar bus stop, yet? Destroyed in two days, max.

That said... I love the idea of being able to have dozens of little controls for the house (it looked like the hand-helds would work in most of the instances) and I love the "everything can be a monitor" thing.

The "roll-able glass" thing looked uncomfortable to use.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Awesome! I tend to be a Luddite about a lot of recent tech, but most of this stuff would be great. Love the cell phone/workstation set up, and the darkening glass.

Any idea if any of this stuff is beyond the imagining stage?

Foxfier said...

I know the flexable keyboard thing is in the development stage as of several years ago, and the table/monitor thing has a D&D mod (there's a Microsoft table computer thing) as of about five years ago....

A lot of it is a matter of bringing the price down to where folks can afford it WITHOUT being forced to take the bus for the rest of their lives!

Mostly Nothing said...

As to what is available now.

Darkening glass is there.

Transferring from the cell phone to the "desktop" is pretty much there now. But with laptops going to TVs. Netgear has a device for the TV, and some Intel laptops hook up to it.

The reality of the future world is that that TV would only work with an iPhone, the desktop would only work with Android. And the bus stop would only work with Microsoft. The car would say that it works with anything, but in reality doesn't really.

The stove top is just a touch screen, in just one area, that's got to be doable, just stupid.

Much of the rest is just user interface. Not too hard.

So, one question? How many power plants would we need to run the electricity demands if every house had this?

Kelly the little black dog said...

Its possible that computers of this type would run on less juice than the current models. The TV are doubtful though. Anything that big has got to be hungry for electricity! If I were to bet I'd say its a wash, minus the wall TV. The economies would balance out the extra uses.

Foxfier said...

Hard to figure-- different crystal designs eat different amounts of power; as I understand it, the backlight is the big eater.

In theory, all those shiny glass windows could be making power, too.