Thursday, March 31, 2011

OK, This Is Just Getting Weird

We're supposed to defeat Gaddafi.

NATO isn't going to arm the rebels. These are the rebels:

How is this supposed to work? I mean, I'm down with getting rid of Gaddafi and all that, but how, exactly, is this going to be done?


Jeff Burton said...

This is starting to play out like an Evelyn Waugh novel. Or maybe Joseph Heller.

Whittlin' Man - formerly "Lawman" said...

As a combat veteran, there is only one sure-fire way I'm aware of to remove an established government.

You use your Air Force to carpet bomb the whole infrastructure of the country. Then you bomb everything else.

After that, you send in overwhelming numbers of ground forces to er,...ah... "eliminate" anything left over.

Otherwise you end up with a "Viet Nam" or "Afghanistan".

tim eisele said...

I heard a NATO spokesman briefly quoted on the radio yesterday, and what he said was that NATO would not do any arming, but that he had nothing to say about individual countries sending in weapons or military advisors on their own initiative.

And on that note: Military advice!

K T Cat said...

Cute comic. :-)

As for the arming and advising by individual countries, just imagine how that's going to go. The last time a European country committed themselves to a protracted struggle in a distant land, the Luftwaffe was providing the air cover. Since then, not so much.

(Oops, sorry. I forgot the most recent French Military Victories.)