Friday, March 18, 2011

A No Fly Zone And Grocery Stores In Benghazi

I'm writing this on my Droid while on a short vacation in Paso Robles, so please forgive the short content and terse style. 

After Gadaffi's forces captured the last town, a large number of refugees were reported streaming towards Benghazi. A cease fire is as good as a siege. Just what will it be like in Benghazi two weeks from now with lots of refugees and rebels, all cut off from their normal supply lines in Western Libya? A no fly zone helps this in what way?

What will the local grocery store look like on, say, Tuesday of next week?


tim eisele said...

Benghazi is a major port, I expect that their supplies come in almost entirely by sea. So it kind of depends on whether there is an effective naval blockade.

Libya doesn't have much of a navy, and part of it was based in Benghazi, so the rebels probably have some ships of their own. The rebels are likely to be able to break a naval blockade, especially if they get any outside help.

K T Cat said...

Who is going to pay for it? Beyond that, who is keeping order now that Gaddafi's minions are no longer in charge? The no-fly zone will act to keep everything in statsis and everything as it is right now wouldn't seem to favor the refugee-swollen, disorganized, heavily armed city of Benghazi.

K T Cat said...

Air strikes to take out the Libyan Air Force and armored units would have been a much better idea. Dragging this thing out is not going to be good for anyone.