Thursday, March 17, 2011

Microsoft Isn't Even In The Picture

Microsoft: the Where's Waldo? company.
March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc.’s iPhone worked slower loading websites 84 percent of the time in a test than phones using Google Inc.’s Android operating system, according to a Canadian software company.


Jeff Miller said...

Well for one the Windows Phone 7 Phone is running IE 7. IE8 was not much better, though IE9 rendering times are very good.

Now why haven't we heard before that iPhone's mobile browser is so much slower than Android? Perhaps because the story is total crap.

"The problem with Blaze’s entire study is that they didn’t test what they claimed to be testing. They used custom apps for iOS and Android, but claim the results show that Android’s browser is faster than iOS’s Mobile Safari. Instead, their results show that Android’s WebView control is faster than iOS’s UIWebView control. Mobile Safari is not just a thin wrapper around the system’s UIWebView control — it has its own caching system, its renderer uses asynchronous multithreading (UIWebView does not), and, as of iOS 4.3, Mobile Safari uses its own much faster JavaScript engine (“Nitro”)."

Someone I work with has an Android phone and an iPad 2 and he has not run into such a stark contrast.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the comment, Jeff. I appreciate your knowledge and point of view. Feel free to stop by more often and leave comments on the non-Apple posts, too. I'd love to hear what you ad to say.