Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Popcorn And Watching The Movie

Dig this.
Los Angeles Police Department officers manning sobriety checkpoints will no longer, as a matter of department policy, impound cars driven by unlicensed drivers. That is unless the unlicensed driver is a United States citizen or lawful resident, in which case he can say adios to his car for 30 days, as authorized by California law.
The cops will impound the citizen's car, but not the illegal's. That's because the illegal is a member of the disadvantaged class and class warfare is what it's all about.

You'd think this would be a matter for outrage, but why bother? The end of the class warfare mentality is near as our progressive friends are finding that all the marching, chanting and teach-ins can't clip a few zeroes off the debt levels their "compassionate" policies created. The cops and all the rest of the government workers and policy makers have been living in a cushy fantasyland for decades where their lives are easy and safe. Once they get slammed a few times with layoffs and pension cuts, let's see how many treats they hand out to the protected classes.

Every fine not collected, every benefit given out is a wad of cash taken from their pockets. The illegals are just another tribe of cannibals who will have to fight over a dwindling food supply.


tim eisele said...

I don't even see how that's supposed to work:

Cop: OK, let me see your driver's license.

Driver: I don't have one.

Cop: OK, I'll have to impound your car then.

Driver: You can't do that. I'm an illegal alien.

Cop: Can you prove that? Got any identification?

Driver: Noooooooooooo . . . .

So, does the cop impound the car, or not?

K T Cat said...


K T Cat said...

On second thought, the only way to do it would involve racial profiling. If they were Hispanic-looking and only spoke Spanish ...

Kelly the little black dog said...

This seems pretty crazy. Of course it would be if it were true. There is no change in the policy if you are caught drunk at the check point. illegal or legal you're going to jail and your car is being impounded. the change is if you're caught at a check point without ID but not drunk. Just as with legals you are cited and released. So all the change does is treat both cases the same.

Once again KT, the details are everything!

K T Cat said...

Except that in one case your car is impounded and in the other case it's not.

tim eisele said...

For that matter, here's something that has always confused me:

Let's say I'm an illegal alien. I am obviously breaking a law (otherwise I wouldn't be "illegal", right?)

So under what circumstances can I be arrested, convicted, and punished for this (and punished how? Is deportation the only penalty allowed?) What do the police need to know before they can arrest and convict me of this crime? Do they basically need a signed confession from me?

And, in connection with the topic of this post: Say the police have caught me driving without a license. So they say to me "If you are a US Citizen or a legal resident, then we are going to impound your car. If you are an illegal alien, you can keep your car". My choices are:

1) Claim to be a citizen/legal resident and get my car impounded, or

2) Confess to a crime in order to keep my car.

Can they then let me keep my car, but then turn me over to INS for deportation based on my confession?