Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama's Innocence is the Only Weapon That Will Work Against Him

Tony Blankley has an outstanding piece hosted at Real Clear Politics today discussing how Hillary Clinton has shown a myriad of ways to not attack Senator Obama.
Republicans should learn from Hillary's campaign that Obama is remarkably adept at ridiculing the old style of campaigning. He cheerfully and in a cool, understated tone will slice and dice overly broad charges, such as Hillary's "inexperience" taunt or her ill-considered "words vs. action" charge...Overly broad charges against him are dangerous. Republicans will make a mistake if they take to calling him "too liberal for America." He is too liberal, but they need to make the charge specific point by specific point.
Barack Obama may be the most thoroughly childish and innocent presidential candidate in 100 years. His positions are ones of European socialism, promising monstrous new government programs at a time when Europe is decaying from exactly those policies and the US is being crushed under a mountain of debt. Obama's foreign policy sounds like it was developed by a fifth grader who can't recall which country is which. Allies will be attacked and enemies comforted. You could throw a dart at a world map and say "We will negotiate with them!" and then throw another dart and say, "We will bomb them!" and end up with Obama's foreign policy.

Powerline posted a terrific excerpt of Obama's plans for the military.

This statement shows the depths of Obama's naivete: "I will slow development of future combat systems." Just how much slower are you going to make it? The Navy's aging fleet is eating us out of house and home in repair bills. If you want to save money in the long run, we need to accelerate procurement, not slow it down. This is not a difficult concept, yet Obama cannot seem to grasp it. Older cars are more expensive to maintain. So are older ships, aircraft and tanks. Obama flounders with concepts as basic as that.

So how do you defeat him? You have to educate the public. Unfortunately, from the looks of things, you'll need to educate the press first, fact by fact. In the meantime, their chickadee-sized brains will be absorbed by Oprah, Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt. It's going to take a coordinated effort to educate the voters and the press. At least McCain is starting out within striking distance of Obama and isn't 10 points behind already.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Thank you for giving me MORE ammo to make sure my husband won't vote for Obama. (He was considering it, on the theory of "do less harm.")

Dean said...

Jeez, KT. My McCain-o-meter just skyrocketed to 60-40 for, after watching that. What a sweet, clueless little child. I just wanna squeeze him... and throw him on the short bus.

Road Dawg said...

Holy batcrap, we have come to a point where we are not just holding our nose and voting, but actually calculating the candidate who is less harmful to our nation.

Frankly, this is why I tend to like Obama. Whether he will do the most harm or not, is hopefully yet to be seen. But at least he is out there with his doey-eyed platitudes, transparent for all to see. Easier to beat in the arena of ideas.

Now Hillary will parse words and never nail it down, so what does that mean? And she is more unlikable and far more polarizing and percieved as not as honest regarding her positions.

But let's not throw the retard under the bus. Just as we can count on disenchanted Dems to vote against their rival for whatever consideration, we have conservatives throwing their vote under the bus in the name of principle rather than voting McCain.

I'm watching with interest, and just can't expect this to be politics as usual. But it sure is fascinating.