Monday, December 14, 2015

Senseless Violence And Cultural Bigotry

Yesterday at Mass, our super progressive priest (think Bernie Sanders with a collar) gave a homily in which he lamented the "senseless violence" in the Middle East and points emanating therefrom. It wasn't until that moment that it hit me why that term bothers me. To say their actions are senseless is to suggest that they have no motives, no thought, no plan and no goals. That's not true at all as Dinesh D'Souza so eloquently says in the video below.

Calling an attack by Islamists "senseless violence" also absolves you of having to identify and understand an enemy. Hey, man, these guys are just crazy! Who knows what they're going to do next or why? "Senseless" means you don't have to develop a strategy outside of taking all sharp objects away from everyone.

In short, this is the attitude of people who think that their way of thinking is the only way. They're on the "right side of history." Anyone who disagrees with them is clearly crazy. That list of crazy people includes you if you don't buy into their view of the world.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely understand what you're saying, but...

This gets into the question of "what REALLY is the "opposite of something?" Is black REALLY the opposite of white? Isn't "not-white" more accurately there opposite of white?

If the Moslems violence isn't "senseless" then does that mean it makes sense? But for us nice westerners steeped in the Judeo-Greco-Christian traditions, it really does not make any "sense."

To the kill crazy Wahabi-salafist-jihadi-radical-extremists, it all makes perfect sense.

But by admitting that there is "sense" to the slaughter within out WJGC world, there therefore is something implied about it being a part of an "ordered world."

But I understand what you mean...

Within the KCWSJRE world, it all makes to much "sense."