Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anything Goes To Mob Rule

Wearing a hat indoors? It simply isn't done, old man.

Well, at least it wasn't done before. Now it's perfectly OK.

Traditions, common cultural practices and rules for civil behavior have all been tossed aside. Yale and Mizzou are, in part, the results of the discarding of such rules. Students screaming at faculty, demonstrators obstructing freedom of the press and professors defying the administration that hired them and pays their salaries are run of the mill events these days.

So why can't school administrations return the favor and scream at people, fire faculty and expel students? Those would at least be more in keeping with traditional behaviors between employers and employees and business owners with troublesome customers.

The reason is that the administration doesn't have a mob behind it and the students and crazier members of the faculty do. Just like I've been saying about Europe, it comes down to a battle between light infantry units and the forces of anarchic "social justice" vastly outnumber the forces of order.

In the absence of cultural norms to keep behaviors in check, the side with the most soldiers is going to determine what is and isn't done, old man.

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