Sunday, July 12, 2020

No Police, No Peace

Yesterday, I was wondering if the blue politicians were willing to simply surf the wave of violence in the blue cities, making peace, as it were, with the unstable elements. Is there really a blue civil war going on or is this just a purge of the cities?

Atlanta says, yes, there's a civil war raging.

Atlanta's mayor, Keisha Bottoms, blamed protesters for the death of an 8-year-old girl who was shot as her mother tried to do a u-turn around a BLM roadblock*. There's no question about who killed her, except that there is.
“They told us we were behind the murder of an 8-year-old child,” said Lady A, one of the leaders of the movement. “I have three little girls. We’re not kid killers. We can’t control what happens in the middle of the street. What we can control, we had under control, but they turned us out.” 

Attorney Gerald Griggs, vice president of the Atlanta NAACP, said the mayor ultimately bears the responsibility for the July Fourth tragedy. 

“For Keisha to call you guys out and say blood is on your hands … it’s not true,” Griggs said. “The blood is on her hands.”

“Get off CNN. Get off MSNBC. Get off Fox. Get off ABC!” Griggs continued. “The community is down here. We want an end to police brutality on your watch, Keisha. If you can’t do it, you need to pack up your office.” 
There were no cops involved and it's still all about police brutality for BLM. They have no mercy for Mayor Bottoms. She's in an impossible position, trying to maintain some amount of peace in the city while mollifying BLM.

The only way to surf this wave is to allow anarchy on the streets. Yeah, it's a civil war alright and the blue political leaders are indeed losing.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, commenter MN's assertion that cops are filing for disability is echoed here.
MINNEAPOLIS — More than 150 Minneapolis police officers are filing work-related disability claims after the death of George Floyd and ensuing unrest, with about three-quarters citing post-traumatic stress disorder as the reason for their planned departures, according to an attorney representing the officers.
This is fine.

* - That one still stuns me. BLM is now operating roadblocks in Atlanta?

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Foxfier said...

They've been putting road blocks all over the place. One in Seattle had a hefty dude take it apart and face down the half dozen twits who came over to yell.