Saturday, July 11, 2020

Minneapolis Paradise Lost

For a variety of reasons, I am writing this from my phone today, so no points off for missed quotations or other such errors.

In Milton's Paradise Lost, the devil says something to the effect of "I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven." What if that is the attitude of Minneapolis mayor Frey? What if he really doesn't care whether the city rebuilds or not?

In a previous post, I said the Democrat politicians were losing because their cities were being ruined. If all they care about is maintaining power, ruling in hell, as it were, then whether or not businesses rebuild hardly matters. Michael Tracey, an independent journalist, has chronicled the fact that Minneapolis businesses are not rebuilding and stores are still boarded up.

Does this matter to the blue political leaders?


Mostly Nothing said...

Frye has very little power. The city charter gives all the power to the city council, and the city council (13 very diverse leftists) picks their President. So the person with the most power in a city of 425,000 was elected by about 5000 people.

And they are making a power grab. The Mayor currently oversees the police. The council is putting up an amendment to the charter to remove that and give it to themselves. I'm sure it will pass by a margin of more than 500,000 votes.

Power corrupts, complete power corrupts completely.

Nothing will get me in the city limits after that.

Thread Salon said...

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IlĂ­on said...

Leftists always prefer to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven. This explains why, historically, they have excelled at producing Hell-on-Earth.

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