Saturday, July 04, 2020

Coffee And Founding Fathers

Ranking Coffees

In the morning, I make a cup of French press before sitting down to read and write. I had been sampling Black Rifle Coffee varieties, trying to find my favorite. I ended up choosing their Just Black, but it got tiresome having to wait for it to show up in the mail. I recently started working my way through the supermarket brands, looking for something decent. Here are my findings so far. Note that I go for the medium roast styles with no alien flavorings.

Update: As I try new ones, I will continue to add to this list. This post will be my data collection site.
  1. Melitta - An excellent coffee. I could drink this every day.
  2. Community with Chickory - OK, I ordered this from Amazon and bought it because it was from Louisiana. It's good stuff. The chickory mellows out the coffee considerably, but leaves the flavor.
  3. Don Francisco - Perfectly adequate.
  4. Community - It's good enough to drink, but not great.
  5. Folgers - Horrific. I took two sips and threw the rest out along with the unused ground. On the plus side, it came in a plastic container which can be used to store things in the garage.
  6. Chock Full O' Nuts - Utterly undrinkable. The heavenly coffee? No, the heave coffee*.
  7. Yuban - This might actually be worse than Chock. However, there's not enough money in the world to get me to do a side-by-side comparison to find out.

Founding Fathers

Last night, we watched Hamilton on Disney+. It is wonderfully done and the cast is very talented. It is also the most thorough petting of the Elite I've ever seen. If a single, non-conformist idea wandered onto that stage, it would die of loneliness. The show is about two hours of nonstop reinforcement of progressive dogmas. The audience laps it up, no doubt believing that they are brave and righteous and, above all, way above all, morally superior. It's nauseating. You want George Carlin or Lenny Bruce or someone, anyone to add a song or two to the thing to tweak the endless, insufferable stream of self-congratulation.

Hamilton is so culturally orthodox, so utterly anodyne that it could easily have been written by the marketing department of Proctor and Gamble or any of our massive, risk-averse corporations.

There's something deeper to it, though. The play positively shreds Thomas Jefferson as a slave-owning, self-promoting coward. That's no surprise as it fits perfectly with the modern zeitgeist, but, like the introduction of Madame Guillotine into the French Revolution, in the back of your mind, you suspect that things have taken a serious turn for the worse.

The slander of our Founding Fathers and the progs' hard work to destroy fundamentally remake America has at it's core the assumption that in the absence of those slave-holding racists and God-delusion rednecks, we'd still have freedom and security. The progs cling to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's belief that Man is inherently good. Cancel Thomas Jefferson and the rest in a spasm of racialist purification and we'll finally be able to have peaceful, deep and meaningful conversations where we redesign society in the faculty lounge.

Err, maybe not. Take away the foundations of civilization - the traditional family, the Christian faith and the legacy of the American Founding Fathers and I think you'll end up with something quite different. I suspect we're going to get to see this in many blue cities in the coming months.

Me, I'm sticking with 'Murrica. Have a happy 4th of July, everyone.

* - I got that one from an old Mad Magazine.


Mostly Nothing said...

A prominent lawyer in the MPLS/St Paul area is reporting he is getting 5-7 calls a day from MPLS Police officers wanting to file for disability for PTSD. He expects 200 to go on disability soon.

The elitist city council has won its war to get rid of the police. No sane person would voluntarily join the force.

I think the 1600 gun shots in a month is going to look like the good old days soon enough.

K T Cat said...

Wow. I hadn't thought of the PTSD / disability angle. That makes perfect sense for the cops who can't retire because of service time.

Foxfier said...

Well, I was going to say that I can't give you any coffee advice because I prefer dark and rather bitter (like my sense of humor!...ok, chunks of my humor; chocolate chip humor?) but from what you find enjoyable, we're rather similar.

You might see if you can find some Vietnamese instant coffee, and make it half-strong or less. It's got a different kind of bitter than Folgers, and I enjoy it. (I'd almost call theirs... acidic? Strong base flavor? As opposed to the bitter-chocolate type bitter of dark roasts.)

Mostly Nothing said...

I don't drink coffee,and never could stand the spell of KT's coffee when we were roommates.
But I can recommend in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They are a sponsor of Garage Logic. All kinds of Coffee. And great Carmel corn. My son got some has is really enjoying it.

Ohioan@Heart said...

I prefer a mild coffee (especially in the AM). I have a Keurig type maker and simply find I can’t beat the Costco Breakfast Blend. I know it’s pedestrian to go for such a mass market ‘blend’, but that’s me.

Ohioan@Heart said...

KT - Will you be testing your new ‘artillery piece’ on the eclipse tonight?

K T Cat said...

We went to a friend's house for a BBQ / protest / riot, so we didn't technically disobey Governor Newsome and I missed further lunar photography.