Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Happy Mardi Gras!

Wife kitteh is lovingly supporting my ersatz-Southerner schtick as we host a monster Mardi Gras party tonight. 40 people or so. Having learned from previous parties, I started my kitchen prep work on Sunday. I did all my shopping then and made three dishes yesterday, a pair of gumbos and jambalaya. All of those will age well, particularly the gumbos.

I have a couple of posts I need to share that fit what my dad used to call "letting my hair down" on the blog. That is, semi-intimate things I've learned from personal failures and weaknesses. Those will have to wait for Lent proper. In the meantime, I've got a long list of stuff I still need to do today to make this soiree happen. I hope you have a great day yourselves!

Wife kitteh has done all the cleaning and decorating. The place looks great.
Side note about marriage and parties: For wives, parties are those times when a woman invites her friends over and they come to pass judgment on her as a housekeeper, hostess and fashion model. For men, it's simply conversation, drinking and food. That's why women freak out in stress before a party while men think it's no big deal. I'd be happy to host my parties in a barn with a dirt floor. She insisted on all manner of decorations and cleaning.

I did my best to understand and, as always, ended up tremendously grateful for her artistic touches that will make this a lot more fun.

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