Monday, February 24, 2020

Forget Bernie, The Coronavirus Is Going To Kill The Democrats

Once the thing gets loose in Mexico and Central America, especially their prisons, we're going to wish we had the border under control. We are also going to have no appetite whatsoever for giving health care to illegals.

This is the story that spooked me.
China reported 889 new cases of novel coronavirus infection on Friday, including more than 200 from a prison, and an additional 118 deaths – all but three in the province of Hubei, bringing the total deaths in the country to more than 2,200.
I went to Russia in the late 1990s. Before going, I went to a travel clinic where they told me how rife with diseases Russia was. Tuberculosis was particularly bad because their lousy prisons were riddled with it. When prisoners were released, they spread it to friends and family members. Coronavirus will work the same way. Lots of weakened people in dirty, enclosed spaces are tailor-made for viral slaughter.

And if you think Chinese prisons are bad, look up Guatemalan or Mexican prisons. They're a horror.

So once it starts running wild down Mexico way while the Democrats preach open borders and health care for illegal immigrants, how do you think sane people will vote? How much impact will accusations of "RACISM!" have then? Do you think anyone will be worried about children in cages? Nah.

Yes, I know that with an epidemic, once it crosses the border, more of it crossing the border might not be all that big of a deal, but the optics of the thing will be a millstone around the necks of the Democrats. And spreading or not, demands that we take care of a hundred thousand or more medical refugees streaming across our open, southern border will be infuriating. Talk about skin color and fantasies of white supremacists all you want, it will fall on deaf ears.

California, of course, will remain a sanctuary state. After all, our governor thinks he can solve homelessness with doctors' prescriptions. No, really. He's gone mad. I can only imagine what will happen among the massive, homeless, drug-addict populations in feces-ridden Los Angeles and San Francisco. And when we go to our hospital for treatment and find it teaming with infected Hondurans, we might start wondering if America should atone for imagined racial sins after all.

Finally, I can predict the headlines that will pop up in the proggy news media.

"White Supremacists Take Advantage Of Coronavirus Outbreak To Spread Racial Hate."

That's as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

Kind of like this sunrise from Virginia Beach in 2010.


Foxfier said...

I'm really, really hoping that a lot of the problem is weakened lungs-- you know how common smoking is in China, and how chewy their air is.

Hopefully, Italy is over-reacting. (Which hella beats under-reacting.)

K T Cat said...

Until it can be studied in a proper environment, outside of fascist/socialist China, we don't really know what's happening.