Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bloomberg's Corruption Pollutes You

... but not necessarily Bloomberg himself.

Just a quick thought on what happens after Mike Bloomberg throws his money around, buying support.

Peggy Noonan at the WSJ recently penned an essay suggesting Mike Bloomberg could win the presidency. Up to now, I've read most of what she's written and I've considered her to be wise and fair. I didn't read the article because I immediately doubted the integrity of the thing. Was she paid to write it by the Bloomberg campaign? Had she been bought?

Yes, I know this happens all the time in politics. However, I don't think it's ever happened so thoroughly. The dude is worth, what, 60 billion? He's already spent upwards of $200M on the campaign. He pours out his money like water and his history includes massive financial support for people and causes on both sides of the aisle. He's always paid for access to power and now he's trying to buy power itself.

Since you don't know who's on the take, but you know he's buying influence on an industrial scale, I think it only natural to instantly assume that anyone supporting him has been bought. If not, where was the support for him before? He's professed allegiance to both parties and all sides of different issues, so when someone who previously appeared to be genuinely of one stripe or the other starts boosting him, you could hardly be blamed if you attributed it to corruption.

In short, his high-profile supporters are just tarring themselves.

Until Bloomberg passes from the scene, I won't trust anything Peggy has to say. Back in the day, I corresponded with her and even gave her the title, “Most Faithful Ambassador to the Court of the Mainstream Media” when I used to blog about the Feline Theocracy. My suspicions are sad to admit, but that's the way it works when so many Elites are being purchased.

If this is true, it only confirms all of our well-grounded cynicism. I don't think you could find a more corrupt Elite than Hillary.


Mostly Nothing said...

I've been waiting for the Hillary as running mate to surface. It was inevitable.

It makes the Presidency impeachment proof.

K T Cat said...

You're more prescient than I am. This one shocked me. I thought Mini Mike was more sophisticated than this. Choosing Hillary would be about as tone deaf as you could get.