Sunday, August 18, 2019

What Happens When The Normals Don't Care Any More?

Masculinity is toxic and monogamy is a product of the oppressive patriarchy. Trannies are normal and good. Thus sayeth our Ivy League Elites, in unison. Disagree and you will be Canceled. Your social media presence killed, you will be banished from the best parties and your speaking events terminated. You might even lose your job.

Why did the Epstein and Weinstein bombs go off? What made them combustible? It certainly wasn't the Elites. They didn't just know what was going on, they were full participants. Epstein's Rolodex was filled with their names and they all knew who was doing what with whom.

If two guys spend more than 60 minutes of leisure time together, driving, hanging out at a bar, watching sports, golfing, whatever, you can pretty much discern the other's attitude towards sex and women. Specific fetishes might still be deeply hidden, but you can tell the score hounds from the traddies.

The Elites all know what's going on and approve of it. Epstein, Weinstein, drag queen story hour at the library, the suicide rates of the trannies, the kids performing as sex acts for gays, it's all noble and good to them. Dig this.
A nine year-old boy has made his debut as his drag queen alter-ego at a pride celebration.

Vincent Garcia appeared as DunkaShay Monroe at Los Angeles Pride in June, with the full support of his mother Elizabeth Leyva.

DunkaShay donned a bronze sequinned dress, green wig, silver sneakers and rainbow-striped socks for the occasion after being inspired by TV drag contest RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Who among the Elites would be troubled by this?
If you disapprove of RuPaul, you will be Canceled by the Elites.

So what was the big deal with Epstein and the others? If the Elites are all on board with anything-goes amorality, what was the problem? It was the Normals and their close-minded bigotries. From the kid's mom in the article linked above:
‘People dismiss children a lot and tell them they don’t know what they want and are too young to understand – but they have their own minds, just like everyone else.

‘The worst thing you can do is shut them down and be small-minded.

‘At the end of the day, you should love and support your children 100 per cent, regardless of whether they want to be a doctor, a cop or a drag queen.’
She might be a Normal, but she has completely adopted the Elites' worldview. Epstein procuring 15-year-old girls for Bill Clinton and others could have been spun in a way that she would have accepted, but she's an exception among the Normals. No, the truckers and waitresses and WalMart greeters are disgusted by grade-school drag queens as well as Bill Clinton banging junior high school girls. Normals vote. The Elites still need the Normals, at least around election time.

Epstein and Weinstein and child drag queens at the Pride Parade are problematic because the Normals still cling to their Bibles or at least the primitive social norms of the Bible. If the Elites' morality was generally known, the votes of the unwashed masses would be much harder to harvest.

What happens when the Harvard / Berkeley attitudes get traction in the community college / trade school set? That's the goal, you know. That's why Good Morning America was shoving it in our faces.

See how cool it all is? Don't be judgmental. Don't be a prude. Stop clinging to your guns and Bibles. Don't be a Deplorable.

Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein are / were apex predators in society. Below them are slightly smaller predators, organizing the child drag queen performances. Below that are the people making huge money off of porn videos. They're all predators doing what predators do. The only thing slowing them down right now are the primitive superstitions of the Normals and the fact that Normals vote. The more they can weaken our beliefs, the more freedom they will have to prey on the weak and the young.

Van Helsing is old and will die soon. The Elites are working hard to see that his kind will fade from the Earth. When that happens the Dracula-Clintons will be able feed at will.


Ilíon said...

The "normals" stopped caring a looong time ago. What we're presently living through is the natural out-working of of an implicit deal between powerful (and organized) pervert interests and the "normals" == "Keep the 'prudes' off our back and we'll keep them off yours".

The "normals" willingly bought the lie that a person, or a society, can embrace "just a little" perversion, that it can be kept little.

Absent a Christian revival of the nation ... or a Moslem take-over ... we can expect this open-and-proud perversion to grow only worse.

tim eisele said...

So, KT: When your political opponents accuse you of being a racist, sexist bigot, does it make you say, "Oh my, you're right, I've been bad and must mend my ways?" Or does it make you dig in your heels, deny the accusation, resolve to keep on exactly as you have been before, and conclude that your opponents are themselves either insane, evil, or brainwashed tools?

Having read your blog for many years now, I would say it is the second one.

So I have to ask, what on earth makes you think that trying to turn the tables is going to end up any differently? You just wrote a long screed trying to lump everyone who disagrees with you together and brand them all as blithering fools who have been brainwashed by amoral perverts. Just what do you expect the response to that to be?

Hint: It won't be noticeably different from the way you respond when people do something similar to you.

Here's a thought: Maybe instead of coming up with excuses for why you don't get around to praying like you feel you should, you should get in the habit of spending a couple of minutes in prayer just before you start composing your blog posts. And then you could temper your posts based on what you feel that God wants you to say, rather than just tearing off on a rant that is indistinguishable from what your political opponents do to you.

Ilíon said...

Sometimes, people really do recognize an attempt to morally undermine them by using their (moral) sentiments against them.

Foxfier said...

Tim, there's a major difference between folks accusing KT of being racist/sexist/homophobic, and KT pointing to...what he does here.

There's evidence for what KT is pointing out.

When folks might scream "homophobe!", they had to spin evidence out of mist; when KT points to stuff here, they have to explain why that all too solid flesh is not real.

K T Cat said...

Tim, good point. It deserves a blog post reply. Let me ponder it for a bit.

K T Cat said...

Short answer: First off, this is free-association writing in the morning. This isn't my day job, it's just an obsession. Expect evolution of thought, not connected coherence from post-to-post. I appreciate the comments like yours because it causes me to stop and regroup and think things out. Whatever it looks like, I try to be intellectually honest.

This blog is here to help me think through things. For instance, how can you claim to be supporting the disadvantaged when we see you preying on them like vampires? There are all kinds of candidate answers. The one posited here is that the Elites are incompetent and corrupt. They are driven by sanctimony. That's my best explanation to date. It seems to fit the facts. In this case, I'm suggesting the corruption is deep and wide. In a democracy, a corrupt elite can feed at will once a majority sees no sin in what they do. I'm suggesting that's a goal, perhaps organically derived, not deliberate. A post on that is in my head.

Think of the Elites as a bacterial infection. There's no driving intelligence, just a constant spread of purulence.

In any case, I'm open to alternative explanations. How did Epstein operate in plain sight all those years? Why did so many of the Elites spend so much time with him? The simplest motive for me is simple corruption. They were all in on it and they all loved it. No one was turned off by it. If you were that sort of person, wouldn't you naturally try to convince others of the morality of your actions?