Saturday, August 24, 2019

Marseille Breakout

While not surprising, this is nevertheless alarming, if true. Here's the key sentence.
Marseille is approximately 40 percent Muslim and is slated to be the first Muslim-majority city in France.
Given immigration and birth rates, this was bound to happen. Like many defeated peoples, I wonder if the French in the south are saying to each other, "I just didn't think it would happen so soon!"

Islam isn't a race, it's an idea. Its central goal is to spread itself across the whole globe by any means possible. Everything is bent towards this aim. For instance, Muslim apostasy rules make it very dangerous to leave the faith.

What happens when a major port on the Mediterranean becomes 55-60% Muslim? What happens when they control the legal system, the enforcement agencies and the local customs and immigration bureaucracy? Right across the Med are millions upon millions of fellow Muslims wishing to enter France with millions more on the way as Muslim women do their part for the faith by having lots of babies.

What happened at Sedan in May 1940?

A small hole in the French lines allowed in a lethal spearhead of German Army. French leadership quickly despaired.
Churchill flew to Paris on May 16. He immediately recognized the gravity of the situation when he observed that the French government was already burning its archives and preparing for an evacuation of the capital. In a sombre meeting with the French commanders, Churchill asked General Gamelin, "Where is the strategic reserve?" ... "There is none", Gamelin replied. Later, Churchill described hearing this as the single most shocking moment in his life. Churchill asked Gamelin when and where the general proposed to launch a counterattack against the flanks of the German bulge. Gamelin simply replied "inferiority of numbers, inferiority of equipment, inferiority of methods".
In this case, the French strategic reserve can be found in the empty cribs of their maternity wards.

Note: I suppose you could claim this is the height of Islamophobia, but that's a term that makes no sense to me. As I said, Islam is an idea, one it pays to understand. To deny that their goal is world domination is to disrespect their faith. Treating them like just one more interest group in need of a segregated campus meeting spot infantilizes what is, in fact, a very serious philosophy.

Additional Thought Exercise: What would happen if the cartels took over Calexico? That is, imagine the government functionaries who generate immigration paperwork as employees of  Mexican drug gangs, who are the primary conduits of illegals. All of a sudden, you can't trust your immigration system and the whole thing breaks down. The border, wall or no, is now breached. How do you track down illegal immigrants who have legitimate paperwork? That's what losing Marseille means to France.

Super Special Bonus Data Point: While on the ferry to Morocco in July, the reality of the difference in birth rates slapped you in the face. Every Muslim woman of child-bearing age had children. The pretty ones, the ugly ones, the fat ones, the skinny ones, all of them. And not child, but children. If you give that population pressure cooker a release valve, it's going to use it.

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Foxfier said...

For what it is worth, the "leave the faith and die" only works if any three guys can realistically expect to win every attempt to kill an individual.

Self-defense laws, especially with guns, can help that.

For the US, I've also noticed a HUGELY higher number of other babies-- even in El Paso, I was often the only person with a baby around.

Since moving to Iowa, the only time I'm the only one with a baby is when there's only a handful of other adults around, and even then there's a good chance another lady is visibly preggers.

No, it won't save France. But it might save us.