Friday, July 06, 2018

We Should Read More Novels About Sex

A lot more.

The news media does not tell you the day's important news. Instead, it serializes the novel it wants you to read, feeding it to you bit by bit.
The reason those (heavily slanted stories) were written (by the news media) ... was that they were the next chapter in the story (they were) telling you. Just like a regular novel, there are stories going on all around the hero, but it's the hero's story and one story in particular that is laid out in the book. It's not even the most important story, either.

During the course of a Harlequin romance novel, where Theresa is wondering if Brian is thinking about Muriel while he strokes her hair and tells her sweet lies, there are other things going on in the world. China is building up a military presence in Southeast Asia and Iran is spinning centrifuges while British police officers are arresting English fathers for objecting to Muslims raping their daughters. You don't need to know any of that, this is a story about Theresa, Brian and Muriel. For all it matters, Pakistan and India could be trading nukes and annihilating millions, but what matters to the story is Brian's fidelity to Theresa in the face of slutty Muriel's advances.
I get my news from the Wall Street Journal and then a wide smattering of blogs, Twitter feeds, podcasts and other sources. I also read a lot of non-fiction books, preferably written before 1960. Right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee, written by one of his sons. It's like it came from another planet, it's so different from the images conjured up in the novel we're being told by the news media.

When I do tune in to the news media, typically from questions about current events asked by my wife, they always come at me from left field. I always wonder why we're even bothering to talk about the subjects the MSM covers, they're so irrelevant.

I often feel the same way about the podcasts I follow. The podcasters might be independent thinkers, but most of the topics are reactive to the day's news which is chosen by ...  the MSM. So even when you get a different take on the same story, the MSM is still choosing the subject. Their subjects are almost all pointless.

So what should we be talking about?

Sex. There should be lots and lots of talk about sex. I don't mean just the act, I mean the preliminary courtships, the relationships, the pregnancies or lack thereof, the babies and the families. It should be the number one topic of conversation because it is an existential issue in so many ways. Consider this.
I also just described Japan, Russia and now, America. I did not describe Islam.
Marseilles is roughly 30% Muslim. I don't know the stats for Nice, but as Nice is nearby, it's reasonable to assume a similar population.

The Muslims in France are having babies. The French are not. That means that the newborns in Marseilles and Nice are probably split about 50-50. You can't have any more 21-year-olds in 20 years than you have 1-year-olds today. Marseilles and Nice are within sight of Muslim parity and then majority...

If I was a French father and husband in Marseilles or Nice, I'd be seriously looking at moving north. You make different calculations when you've got a family to protect than you do when you're a member of the political, artistic or academic elite. They can talk and talk and talk about multiculturalism and lone wolves and legal processes, but when it's your wife and children, those words mean nothing. That 50-50 split mentioned above isn't going to take 20 years if the French start fleeing north.
We aren't discussing this at all. Instead, we talk about Global Warming Climate Change which is of unknown importance instead of this which is existential to our way of life. We talk about racism which is at best a third-order problem, but not about the destruction of the traditional family. We talk about civility, but not biological sex roles. None of those topics have any real meaning. Instead, we ought to be talking about sex.

Maybe it's too much to expect eunuchs to discuss the creation of healthy babies with promising futures.


Foxfier said...

On the upside, folks both convert out of Islam (for obvious reasons) and a lot of the claimed birth numbers for Muslims turn out to be greatly inflated...but places like France tend to enable the nasty violent guys. Just like the UK. :(

It's not so much "sex," as "sex makes babies," that folks seem to have issues with.

Says the extremely pregnant woman with five kids running around.....

K T Cat said...

Congratulations, Foxie!

Foxfier said...

Thanks. Ready for the next few weeks to pass, or at least this heat!

It does make for an interesting place to stand, seeing how the "sex positive" folks are pretty much universally reproduction negative!