Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Hollywood Is Toast

Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars monologue spewed hate at the Normals who are supposed to pay for the movies to be made. That's all you need to know.

The ratings were the worst in history. Of course, if I screamed at my customers, they'd go away, too. I keep trying to figure out how this happened. How can you completely disconnect from reality like this?

Also, why are they screaming and full of hate and outrage when life is so good? Technology keeps getting better and better, learning is easier all the time, information is everywhere, we can connect like never before, global poverty is constantly declining, business is booming, if you want to work, you can find a job, just what is the problem? Why are they so angry?

Hollywood is completely crazy. They live in a self-reinforcing world of their own making. They are the guards in their own prison camp. If any of their peers gets out of line, the others beat them down. It's one of Dante's circles of Hell where the possibility of escape is always there, but the inmates are so blinded by bitterness and hate that they keep each other inside.

How long can this continue? I know I'm not going to the movies any more and it's not because of the ticket prices or inconvenience. I like the movie-going experience with popcorn and a huge screen. I don't think I saw a movie in all of 2017. I wanted to go see the new Star Wars one, but not enough to actually do it.

I'm hoping that technology and the Internet will democratize movies. Cameras are cheaper than ever and a professional editing capability can be yours for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. We're ready for a new center of gravity in film.

Hollywood is dead, long live whatever we can find to replace it.

In the Hollywood Circle of Hell, we find actors, actresses, directors and producers blinded by a hatred of their audience. They are forced to forever create movies for each other that tank at the box office. Their punishment is their belief that their wonderful art is wasted on the swine who make up most of the country.


Timothy Eisele said...

How long can it continue? Well, I think the only time I watched the Academy Awards was sometime in the early 80s, and even then it looked like a self-indulgent excercise in narcissism and boredom, heaping praise on movies and actors that I mostly didn't recognize or particularly want to watch. The question in my mind isn't why the ratings are down, but rather why they were ever up in the first place.

So, I suppose it can continue for as long as Hollywood is populated by self-indulgent narcissists who are willing to bore or annoy the world in the name of patting themselves on the back.

Timothy Eisele said...

And then, immediately after posting that, I saw this little item that I think is oddly appropriate to the discussion:


ligneus said...

Hey, people are catching up with me finally in not watching movies! But what took so long, I pretty much gave up on it in the seventies after watching the much hyped Duddy Kravitz. It was OK but that's all. I got taken to see the David Lynch movie of the guy who rode his lawnmower across several States to visit his sick brother, liked that one and the photography was great. I caught Jane Campion's Sweetie on TV one evening, really good. So who knows what other good movies I've missed but it doesn't justify the dross you might sit through. Old Lig is becoming such a curmudgeon! But you have to have some fun when you start to get old.

Timothy, was that article meant to be humorous or serious? Because I'm damned if you'd catch me back in that restaurant a second time even! And for a bad series? Twenty minutes first episode tops.

One other movie I caught on TV, German, Vergesst Mozart. [Forget Mozart.] Fascinating, came out about the same time as Amadeus I think, different kind of movie, much better. Yes I saw Amadeus while staying with friends on Vancouver Island.

Do I chatter on too much sometimes? I do have a penchant for going off topic too, I have a Magpie brain.

ligneus said...

Add garrulous to curmudgeon. A garrulous curmudgeon? Such misfortune!