Monday, March 05, 2018

Could You Deep Fry The Blob?

Remember the 1950s horror movie with Steve McQueen, The Blob? No? Well, there was one. So there.

Anyway, the blob was this blobby protoplasmic blob of blobbiness that engulfed people and things because ... because ... because ... well, I'm sure it had its own, blobby reasons.

Whatever. The blob resembled a sheet of cheese grits that you've chilled and are about to cut up, bread and deep-fry. Yummy! Why couldn't they have done it with the blob?

Oh noes! It's the blob!

That was quick thinking, Steve. Thanks to you and your deep fryer, the blob has been eliminated. With delicious results, too, I might add!
Below is either a scene from the movie or our kids reacting to my cooking.


Mostly Nothing said...

Yet another reason to protest global warming! It will thaw the blob and we're doomed!

K T Cat said...

Ahh, but what if it's Climate Change, instead?