Friday, March 09, 2018

Bad Food In Horrible Packaging

A while back, I used a tin of corned beef for some African cooking. I had an extra tin of the stuff, so I decided to fry some up for breakfast this morning.

Bad idea.

For one thing, you can't get the tin open. That stupid key you're supposed to turn to open it always snaps off. Once it does, you can't open it with a can opener because the tin is rectangular instead of round. I got it started with a can opener and then had to finish it off with a screwdriver and needle nosed pliers.

The tin after using the key, a can opener and a screwdriver. At the bottom, you can see the little gash the key made before it broke off.

Needle nosed pliers to the rescue! I ended up cutting my finger on the jagged metal. Winning!
Once opened, it fried up the dog food. Or maybe it just looked like dog food.

Is this dog food?
Or is this dog food?


Or not.


tom said...

It's God's way of telling you it's Friday during Lent...

K T Cat said...

Whoops. I've been forgetting that a lot lately. :-(

Foxfier said...

I think I'll stick with Spam and eggs.

Oooh, good idea for dinner, tonight!

I got so tired of forgetting it was Friday during lent that I started doing meatless Fridays year-round, generally with a Rosary if I forgot. (I like the idea of the Rosary, I am terrible at sitting still and just DOING it unless I really hurt.)

The kids are now trained to recognize cheese pizza or grilled cheese for lunch when they didn't ask for it as a sign of Friday.

ligneus said... could have tried pulling up the end of the tab where it broke off with the needle nosed pliers then rolling it up with them. Just a thought, don't know if it would work. Tin snips? Hacksaw? Sawzall? Sledge hammer? That would work.
Have you ever tried corned beef fritters? So much better than all the other food they served up in the RAF back in the fifties. Breakfast for instance, pick up triangles of Wonderbread by the corner, dip them in boiling oil, lay them on a tray and put in the oven to keep warm, this effectively converts Wonderbread into Masonite. Eggs fried sunny side up two hours before being served, also kept warm in oven, the advantage of this method is that if one slides off the tray and hits the floor, it bounces right back up again and you can catch it with the tray. Add a ladle of canned stewed tomatoes and there you go. Compare to USAF Base San Francisco where we were for a couple of days on our way to Christmas Is. The eggs being fried on a big hot plate as you pass by in the line up, if you asked for six eggs, six eggs is what you'd get. And compare a pint mug of awful stewed tea to fresh cold milk, fruit juices, coffee, tea....
We were somewhat disgruntled.

K T Cat said...

I love you guys. :-)