Tuesday, August 01, 2017

This Is Where It All Falls Apart

I saw this from CNN yesterday and everything just relaxed for me about the topic.

A pregnant man. Right.

No, the world hasn't lost its mind, CNN has. This is just stupid.

The story as it happened: A woman got pregnant. Either before or during her pregnancy, she was stuffed full of testosterone until she grew a beard and, from the looks of things, had her breasts hacked off. The baby was drenched in a bath of incorrect hormones and won't be able to nurse from its mother.

That's all this is. It's a mentally ill woman having a baby at the same time as the people around her played along with her deranged fantasy.

That makes CNN happy. It's not a sign of compassion or acceptance, it's a sign that CNN and everyone involved are demented.


Ilíon said...

Here are some comments I've made on this --

Might I suggest a new motto for CNN -- "CNN: The network so disconnected from reality that we can say "Man gives birth" with a straight face."

How do they know "he" gave birth to a "boy"? (*) How do they know that whatever "he" gave gave birth to was "healthy"? (**) How do they know that whatever it is that "he" gave birth to is even "human"? Maybe it's really a "puppy". How do they even know that "he" "gave birth" to anything at all? (***)

(*) CNN, and apparently "he" and the other lesbian in the photo, are committing the sin of "assigning gender" to whatever came out of "his" birth canal.

(**) To say that whatever came out of "his" birth canal is "healthy" is to assert that there is a way newborn babies *ought* to be, and that one can and does know what this is.

(***) As we all know, women are all the time discovering that there are "blobs of cells" growing in their wombs, and so they have to repair to the friendly local abortionist to have things cleaned up. How do thay know that whatever came out of "his" birth canal isn't just one of these "blobs of cells" that shouls have been cleaned up?

Isn't it funny? The very people who get all excited over the "miracle" of "Man Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy" will roll they eyes and call you an idiot for affirming the actual miracle of "Virgin Gives Birth to Baby Boy Who is the Health-and-Healing of All the World".

Let's translate CNN's claim into English -- "Mentally unstable woman, dissatisfied at having been determined (by her own biology) to be of the female sex, gives birth to a healthy baby boy"

Foxfier said...

The lack of consistency is kind of amazing.

Guess "assigning" a "gender" at birth is OK until they're old enough for someone to take offense.