Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Death Of A Religion

.. is what we're seeing played out all around us.

I was so disgusted by the recent political violence, almost all of it from the left, that I had seriously thought of ditching any serious blogging and just going to photography alone. This morning, it finally dawned on me that none of this is about racism or white supremacy or Confederate statues. What we're watching is the slow-motion death of the dominant religion. As it goes down, it does everything it can to change the subject, attack it's detractors and attack the concepts of truth and logic.

The functionally illiterate black kids in Baltimore kept nagging at me. I've blogged relentlessly about the state of our children and the pathologies we inflict upon them from broken families. Why are we talking about Robert E. Lee when these kids are getting hosed?

Because we don't care about them. Instead, we're invested to the eyeballs in postmodern progressive theology. As that goes down in flames all around us, the black kids in Baltimore can go shoot each other by the hundreds for all we care. First and foremost, we must defend the faith. That means not talking about them.

Or about how blue Illinois is bankrupt and insolvent.

As is blue Connecticut.

Their cities are being starved for basic funding. Their schools are being ravaged with budget cuts. Essential services are starting to fall apart. No credit is available. Heck, even the lottery won't play in Illinois any more because it won't get paid.

And then there's the epidemic of black violence in blue cities. Chicago and Baltimore are war zones of black-on-black slaughter. Those are just the high-profile cases. There are plenty more.

Want another example? How about Obamacare? None of its promises were kept, not one. The thing has collapsed financially as insurers have fled the exchanges. The central mission of any insurance provider is to stay solvent and it has failed even that.

We're talking about Robert E. Lee because to talk of anything substantial would strike at the core of the religious faith of the media, the entertainment industry, academia, all of the Democratic Party and much of the Republican Party. We're watching heretics be burned at the stake at Google. Heretical icons are being torn down. Anyone whispering about violence on the left is shouted down with cries of "White supremacy!"

The free speech battle on the campuses isn't an attack on Ben Shapiro or Milo, it's a desperate defense of a dying faith. They don't hate Ben, they hate the truth because the truth will kill their religion and force them out of what is comfortable, force them to recant. That's simply unacceptable and so instead, we talk about a nonsensical Russian collusion story and statues of Confederates, even statues of Teddy Roosevelt.

What happens when we tear down the last Confederate statue? We look for something else to destroy, something else to distract us from the collapse of our faith. Don't get in the way of the religious left or they will destroy you with all the venom and hate of a stricken cult. I think we'll just have to let this play out.

It's not about Lee at all.

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