Sunday, April 02, 2017

Gay Marriage And The Benedict Option

This is the second in a series of posts responding to Rod Dreher's The Benedict Option wherein Rod lays out a plan for remaining faithful to orthodoxy in a culture increasingly hostile to religion. The first post is here.

Two points to start.

First, I think gay marriage is silly. It's the fitting topper to a culture that, when asked to play the Sesame Street game, "Which one of these is not like the other ones?," is completely flummoxed and can't bring itself to say there's a difference between human behaviors*. Reproductive biology says otherwise, but what's that compared to how we feel? In any case, I think it's silly, but not much more than that.

Second, bake the damn cake already. Planned Parenthood is slaughtering babies at a rate that would make Eichman jealous and gay marriage is the hill you want to die on? It's a good bet that there's a Einsatzgruppen unit operating within 10 miles of you, but if two guys like playing with Easy Bake Ovens and watching My Little Pony, you lose your marbles? Really? Just bake the cake, arrange the flowers, serve the pizza and move on.

Instead, much of Christian America has had an apoplectic fit over gay marriage. Yes it was a authoritarian move by the court. Yes, we voted against it time and again and yes five would-be-Reichsmarshalls in robes told us what we could do with our precious "democracy," but what of it? We didn't go underground over slavery, we didn't go underground over abortion and we didn't go underground when the first modern progressive president, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, decided to re-segregate the civil service. Why go bonkers over this?

Let me offer you a few choices. Would you rather:
  • Decrease abortions by 50% or fight gay marriage?
  • Decrease illegitimacy by 50% or fight gay marriage?
  • Double church attendance or fight gay marriage?
  • Make your church a lot more active in the community or fight gay marriage?
You tell the world what is important to you by the way you spend your time, money and energy. To me, all four of those are huge while gay marriage, as I said above, is just silly.

This is not the fight to have because the outcome is almost irrelevant.

More thoughts in upcoming posts.

Oh come on. It's not dangerous, it's ludicrous.
* - Unless it involves intolerance, judgment or smoking in some way. Then you can really tell the difference.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Is it loving to enable an unhealthy lifestyle?

I'm seeing these wedding vendors as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being asked to bow to an idol. Are they going to bend their knee, or not?

Ilíon said...

"bake the damn cake already."

Or, as the unknown sage of the late 1st and early 2nd centurie once said, "offer the pinch of incense already"

K T Cat said...

Ivyan, I agree with you, but morbid obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle as well and indicative of the sin of gluttony. In any case, we seem to have made peace with abortion, save for protests and words, but some of us are willing to go to jail over ... gay marriage?

K T Cat said...

Ilion, the point I struggled to make in the last post was that the Church managed to live within a culture that saw blacks as property. Now we live in a culture that sees unborn babies as subhuman. We're forced to snort a lot of obnoxious incense, no?

Ilíon said...

^ No, the "point" you are making is -- "Yes, it's a lie and we all know it's a lie, and we all know that *no one* -- including those who are insisting that you affirm it -- believes it. So, what's the big deal in refusing to mouth it?"