Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Poopy Head University

Scenario: Your child is 3 years old. He comes to you, crying, and says, "Johnny just called me a poopy head!" He then proceeds to throw a fit of Olympic proportions.

As a good parent, the proper response would be to give him a safe space with toys and cushions while thoroughly researching the phrase 'poopy head' and hiring an expensive diversity therapist to intervene with the whole family. Family policies would change so that 'poopy head' would no longer be spoken or written by anyone. Any books on your bookshelf with either the word 'poopy' or the word 'head' would be immediately thrown away. The local police would be called in and advised that you will be calling them to the scene if anyone heard or read the phrase 'poopy head' ever again.

Yeah, that's sane.

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Foxfier said...

My usual response is "...what were you doing when he said that?"

Nine times out of ten, the response is either a shrieked "NOTHING" (with "Johnny" coming in and yelling exactly what Three Year Old was doing), or a guilty silence. (Depends on the kid.)

Sometimes the explanation is in great detail and innocent, though. And in those cases Johnny gets a talking to. ;)


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