Thursday, December 08, 2016

Going Topless, Day 1

... laptopless, that is.

I ditched the morning laptop session in favor of an (almost) pre-computer lifestyle. That meant coffee, feeding the animals and no laptop-web-surfing. It was great.

I spent a few minutes with the smartphone and hit the important sites to see what was what. The phone is a pretty terrible consumption device, so the temptation to make one more click is orders of magnitude less than with the laptop. Instead, I did something a friend of mine has been suggesting for about 2 years. I started a Novena.

This one, as a matter of fact.
Without the laptop beckoning me to more surfing, I was able to pray and meditate in a calm, peaceful fashion. In addition to prayer, I was able to think more deeply about things I had read and experienced lately without the feeling that I was missing out on something awesome on the Interweb Tubes.

On my flight back home from Virginia yesterday, I was listening to the Arthurian Legends, Le Morte D'Arthur. I'm a total fan and have a huge collection of different editions of the legends, probably in excess of 100 books. I've never experienced them the same way as I am now, listening to the story. In my time of peace this morning, a few things bubbled up out of my subconscious, things I might blog at a later date. In any case, I would never have thought them with the laptop open and me clicking around like a madman.

Lesson: Computers make everything else frantic even when you're not using them. Hurry! As soon as you get that done, you can open me up again and we'll hit the websites!

Laptops are jealous lovers.

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