Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dear Media - This Is Why You Lost

I know this is a week old or so, but it has stuck in my mind as the most tellingly surreal moment of an utterly surreal 2016. Hillary Clinton, a woman who lies when she doesn't have to, who lies about things that are easy to check, someone who can't stop lying to save the campaign that defines the purpose of her life, gave a speech on fake news and the news media lapped it up.

I can't think of anything more insane. That they bothered to run with this shows just how utterly out-of-touch they are, not just with Trump voters, but with reality itself. This is so weird that appropriate analogies enter into the realm of the cartoonish. Jeffrey Dahmer hosting a cooking show, carried without irony by one of the major networks? I don't know. It's so crazy that it doesn't work as a joke.

This isn't doubling down on failure, it's immersing yourself in it.

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