Friday, August 05, 2016

Time Travel Short Story Idea

In the future, someone invents a time travel machine and makes it so inexpensive that just about anyone can afford one. The first people who choose to go back into the past return with casualties and diseases because life is so much worse. Consequently, people decide to go into the future because everything will be better due to technological improvements.

In the end, everyone is going into the future on their time machines and no one is working on anything.

I'm just an idea man. I'll leave it to you to write the rest of it.


IlĂ­on said...

"In the end, everyone is going into the future on their time machines ..."

And when they get to "the future", they find that there is no one there. So, they got to even more of "the future", chasing the promised bright, sexy future with flying cars and no consequences. Some deal, there is no one there. So, again, they chase after "the future" ... and eventually end up in the promised future in which the Sun has engulphed the Earth.

K T Cat said...

As I thought more about the idea, I came to the same conclusion. Once everyone started jumping forward in time, the odds that they'd all pick the same moment would be slim and so each would jump into an abandoned world.

Ohioan@Heart said...

If everyone jumped to the future, and the future was empty, many (most? all?) would jump back. But when they jump back, the "abandoned" present becomes repopulated and the future becomes unabandoned. Paradox.