Friday, August 26, 2016

Pigs, Candidates And A Kangaroo

I was going to make some astute observation about this election, that it's really about nothing at all and compare it to watching pigs in mud, but when I started looking for some pigs-in-mud videos on YouTube, I came across the one below and decided it was more fun than a head-scratcher about how we ended up with Trump and Hillary.

Dig the kangaroo around 3:15. What's he trying to do? What kind of family keeps pigs and kangaroos indoors?

To the original point, I can't really tell what issues are at stake in the election. Now that Trump has backed off his immigration stance, he and the Hildebeest seem interchangeable. Yeah, I know, Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court. Well, until we start drawing justices from normal America instead of the Ivy League bubble, we're going to get a Supreme Court that sneers at us and tells us our votes don't count. See also: ObamaCare and Gay Marriage rulings.It hardly matters who nominates them, they all end up the same.


tim eisele said...

"What kind of family keeps pigs and kangaroos indoors?"

An Awesome family! Probably also an Australian one.

K T Cat said...

I knew that was coming. :-)

IlĂ­on said...

Whodda thunk you could train a pig to use the toilet?