Saturday, July 09, 2016

Wiggly Cat Slows Down

... but only for a moment.

Maddi, our new Maximum Leader, is the wiggliest cat I have ever met in my life. She cannot sit still for anything! She loves attention, particularly when you talk to her, but it gets her so excited that she has to walk around you and head bump things. She'll get within arm's reach once in a while, long enough for two pats and then she's off again. I finally got a photo of her on the couch, snoozing. If I try to sit down with her, she jumps up and wiggles away, purring happily.


Mostly Nothing said...

No picture

K T Cat said...

Thanks for letting me know. I tried to use a picture from my Google Photos and I guess it didn't work. This morning, I downloaded it from Google and uploaded it to Blogger from my hard drive. It's silly to have to do that, but it works.

Mostly Nothing said...

She looks very pleased with herself.