Friday, July 29, 2016

The World Is At Peace

... and the recent attacks are just isolated incidents. It's kind of like Russia in 1941. I mean, just look at this map.

How peaceful! There was no war to be seen at all.
In fact if we zoom out, we see the same ... err ... well ...

On second thought, it looks like there was a whole lot of fighting going on. Hmm.
Well, fortunately, we live in the year 2016 where the world is pretty stable. Oh, sure, there are a few attacks being carried out by extremists, but on the whole, things are peaceful. Take a look at this map showing Islamic attacks over the past few decades. (Here's the awesome Google map with all of the data.)

Practically no violence at all!
Now, if we zoom out, we'll see the same ...err ... umm ... well ...

Actually, it looks like a world war with active fronts in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
What happens when the Taliban takes Afghanistan completely and those units are freed up to go on the offensive elsewhere?

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