Friday, July 08, 2016

Just Wondering

Did the Klan ever hold rallies, marches or cross-burnings to protest whites killing or raping other whites? I'm not much of a Klan historian, but I'd have to say the answer is pretty much no.

If not, then what's the difference between Black Lives Matter and the Klan? They both only get wound up when a member of an undesirable race does something to someone of their race. I don't recall seeing any BLM protests in Chicago where each weekend brings more intra-racial violence. Certainly no marches and demonstrations on the scale of what we've seen lately.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Woofty! That's quite the comparison. I take your meaning. I'd think they'd be protesting inner city violence and abortions, too. With all these protests, you'd think cops were driving through black neighborhoods and shooting people at random as they drove by. But no. The worst I can say about any of these shootings is that the cop made the wrong choice in a heated moment. Or maybe a hasty choice. Most of them have turned out to be justifiable. All the hype means that real injustices which happen get lost in the tide.

Anonymous said...

Look up little Miss BLM here:

Then see what's NOT mentioned in her Wikipedia entry.

K T Cat said...

Ivyan, the comparison seems somewhat apt. If there's a difference, it's one of ambitions, not attitudes. The only time I ever hear about BLM getting worked up is when there's a white person involved. That means that BLM is not about helping blacks, but about hating whites.

Meanwhile, black children are growing up in places like Chicago where it would take superhuman effort to overcome all of the disadvantages of the environment.

The whole thing is madness.

K T Cat said...

Anon - wow.

Ilíon said...

According to my father, who grew up in the South (born 1927), the KKK sometimes lynched whites. But, you never hear about that, really. Of course, you also never hear about the instances (albeit a small percevtage of the total) of blacks lynching whites.

Ilíon said...

According to this page, which claims its statitistics are supplied by the Tuskegee Institute, between 1882-1968 in the US, there were a total of 1,297 whites lynched, and 3,446 blacks lynched.

Who *knew* that so many whites were lynched?

tim eisele said...

Maybe it isn't talked about now, but when I was a kid (in a catholic family) it was common knowledge that the KKK hated catholics and jews as much as they hated blacks.

Foxfier said...

I was going to say the same as Tim-- they hated Catholics, too. Irish and Italian and Spanish, they didn't consider white.
Found a possible source they used for that page, Ilion.
It has a record of causes, too.

I still don't believe the strict black/white breakdown, because I *know* that Indians and Mexicans were sometimes lynched in about that time.
In fairness, the ones I know of were bandits/raiders/"cowboys*." The Indian case I'm most familiar with the three raiders slaughtered sheep farmers, and we know the Indian hunters got the right guys because they had scalps-- including the mustache of a shirt-tail relative of mine among the dead.
Maybe the West was assumed to be more likely to have guns than a tree, or they classified organized vigilante groups differently; I know some states classify all vigilante executions as "lynching."

* in that time and place, a cowboy was seasonal help; currently employed cattle rustlers. The movie plotline of "new guy is really helping a gang steal the herd" wasn't Hollywood.