Friday, February 05, 2016

What's Worse Than A Zombie Apocalypse?

Two caffeinated chihuahuas.

To feed my Keurig habit, I ordered Starbucks Sumatran K-cups from Amazon. They were delivered yesterday before we got home and the two smaller Catican Guards, both chihuahua mixes, attacked the box. One of our sons arrived at the scene before they managed to get into the coffee. He rescued the box and prevented what surely would have been one of the greatest disasters in human history as two caffeine-crazed chihuahuas would have been loosed upon the world.

I think he deserves a medal.

We came this close to the end of civilization as we know it.


tim eisele said...

Although, coffee is the classic "smells way, way better than it actually tastes" substance - once they got a taste of it, would they actually have eaten more than that first mouthful?

(granted, we *are* talking about dogs here, and dogs will happily eat sooo many things that we find incomprehensible, but there are limits even for them)

K T Cat said...

As the great sage of the 20th Century, Roger Corman, told us over and over again in his documentaries, "There are some things Man wasn't meant to know."