Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Right Side Of History Always Seems To Have Sound Money And Plenty Of Firepower For Some Reason

Today's my tenth blogiversary. Yay for me! Ten years and nearly 7500 blog posts later, I'm as OCD about this blogging thing as I've ever been. I've blogged before about what I've learned from blogging, but the last time I did that, someone admonished me saying, "No one wants to read a blogger blogging about blogging!" That seemed like sound advice, so off we go onto another gloomy snarkfest.

En, as they say, joy.

Time and again, we're told that progressives, social justice activists, democratic governments and diversity are on the "right side of history." It's rather Marxist as it assumes that history is inexorably flowing in a given direction, carrying us on with it like some kind of river.

Funny thing about that river. It always seems to be going in the direction of military might and financial power.

The WSJ today has a bit on the Russian quagmire in Syria, or rather, the lack of said quagmire. It turns out that contrary to the Obama Administration's assertions that there's no military solution in Syria, the Russians have discovered that there may indeed be a military solution. That solution involves unrestricted bombing.
Defying U.S. predictions of a quagmire in Syria, Russia is achieving strategic victories there with this month’s Aleppo offensive. The question now is whether this is a turning point that hastens the five-year war’s end or the trigger for a counter-escalation that will drag other regional countries into the conflict.
Apparently ignoring pseudo-Marxist logic, local regimes are seeking rapprochement with the enemies of history.
(C)ountries such as Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have been voicing a willingness to accept the Kremlin’s role in Syria and work more closely with it. Israeli officials have said they hoped Russia could help constrain Iranian operations against Israel from Syria.
It's worth noting that our new bestest friends in Iran and the proud, sovereign people of Afghanistan who will soon be released from under the American jackboot, are joining the fight against history.
“There is no regime advance,” (a Syrian rebel leader whose soldiers are getting mauled) added. “In the air, it is Russian planes. And on the ground, there are Afghan, Hezbollah, and Iranian fighters. And in the operations room, there are Iranians.”

Iran has recruited thousands of Afghans, many of them refugees living in Iran, to fight on the government’s side in Syria. A Human Rights Watch report in January said the Afghan fighters are organized and commanded by Iranian military officials and have fought at every major battlefield in Syria, including around Damascus and Aleppo.
Meanwhile, European banks and stock markets across the globe are getting crushed despite central banks shifting their printing presses into overdrive. It's almost like there's something else at work here, something other than monetary policy.

We live in crazy times, man. Crazy times.

Rest assured, the world is largely united in agreeing that we're on the right side of history.

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