Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why I Could Easily Vote For Donald Trump

My evolution from "I would vote Libertarian before I would vote for Trump" to "I could easily vote for Trump" has taken place over the last month. I was going to blog about it when this excellent post by Don Surber led me to free-write it into a comment, shared below.


Great post. I've also enjoyed reading what I have of Scott's. I would add this: The vulgar trick only works in this very recent era.

Microaggressions made this all possible. I hate them, I hate the speech codes, I hate everything about political correctness. I hate that rap music says things I can't. I hate it when misogynist Hillary claims she stands for women's rights. I hate it all.

I've always thought it was all a house of cards and all we needed to do to blow it down was speak plainly and clearly over and over again. I loved the "schlonged" comment for just that reason.

That last comment and his return fire where he said what we were all thinking - Hillary as a feminist is like Goebbels as a Rabbi - was marvelous and it portends truly glorious things to come. A debate between the two would be pay-per-view worthy just to see the queen of the PC movement get obliterated by a guy who sounds like he drives a cab.

I know that my reaction has become emotional, but I don't care. I hate all of these speech and behavior codes that much. I don't really care what his policies are any more - mostly because I don't think the other Republicans are saying anything important. We're in the same fiscal boat as Greece, just a bit farther away from the waterfall and everyone's talking about immigration or no fly zones.

So what difference does it make who I vote for? $60K debt/person is going to become $70K is going to become $80K is going to become a monster, global currency crisis. I might as well vote for the cab driver so I can finally be free of speech codes.

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tim eisele said...

I think that Trump is basically taking the same route that Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger took to getting elected as governors, and probably has similar chances of success. At this point, I think most people are just so ticked off with both political parties that they see Trump as a monkey-wrench that they can throw into the works, to shake things up in hopes that they can sweep out all the cruft and start over.