Thursday, December 17, 2015

Praying To Global Warming, Err, Climate Change

A friend of mine posted some global warming climate change twaddle on Facebook recently. It was a screed of incomprehension at anyone who didn't treat global warming climate change like a civilization-ending threat. I didn't reply, but if I had, it would have gone something like this.
Actually, I kind of like what global warming climate change has accomplished. Oh sure, it might have made selective people in Syria and Iraq go crazy and blow things up (a selection process that seems to be limited to a particular group), but it's done wonders in keeping down the number of hurricanes along the Gulf Coast. What's that? It only makes bad things happen? Oh. Sorry. I didn't know that.
That global warming climate change only makes bad things happen and that it can cause anything it likes to occur makes it malevolently omnipotent. I feel like we should start sacrificing animals on a forest altar to the thing in the hopes of calming it down. Doesn't it seem like some kind of demon or devil? If we don't pile of corpses at its feet, it will kill us all!

No, not the sun-god, global warming climate change.


Anonymous said...

I have this vague recollection that about five or six, maybe seven years ago, some idiot got a judge in England or Ireland to declare that the agw thing was a "religion" -- he was suing over losing his job and claimed it was based on religious discrimination -- that he was being discriminated against for worshipping Gaia.

If we can apply that ruling over here, maybe we can stop getting it shoved down our collective throat as a violation of the establishment clause.

I've also been working on the idea that shoving atheism down our collective is a violation of the establishment clause. The atheists have been slowly setting themselves up as some sort quasi-religion (in including chaplains in the military.)

I remain the same Anonymous that frequently comments

tim eisele said...

I really wish that, once people latch onto something that they think is a problem that Something Should Be Done About, they woudn't go overboard about it and blow it up to a World-Wrecking Doom That Will Kill Us All. Basically, what I see is both the Democrats and the Republicans have decided that it serves their interests for people to be terrified of something. So they do everything they can to whip up hysteria on their chosen topic, and claim that Only They can save us from (X). It's just that (X) is climate change for the Democrats, and terrorism for the Republicans. And of course, they have to not only create fear of their chosen doom, they have to completely disparage the other side's doom.

And the problem is, I think both sides have adopted an actual problem that exists and should probably be dealt with (although in a thoughtful way, not through the sort of crazed overreactions that each party is pushing). But by making them into political footballs where everbody is supposed to pick one to obsess over while dismissing the other, neither one will *ever* be dealt with.

It makes me sad.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comments, both!

I'm agnostic on the whole issue. What I'm not agnostic about is that if it's happening, it's going to keep happening because Messrs. Mobutu, Chan and Hernandez outnumber us many times over and they aren't going to give up on earning modern things just because a bunch of Americans are wetting their pants over a 1-degree increase in the temperature. Instead of trying to stop it, we should learn to cope with it, whatever "it" turns out to be.

Houston Keys said...

I'm not agnostic on it, I have serious doubts. When the "Settled" science keeps having the predictions of what doom will befall us changing on what seems like a daily basis, I just cannot stay convinced.

I know I am a "Flat Earther". Perhaps if their predictions were better or the people who actually had skin in the game practiced what the preached I would be more convinced. As far as I know only Ed Begley Jr does, so...

Merry Christmas KT. May your maximum leader be a benevolent dictator to you human pets through the holiday season.