Monday, December 21, 2015

A Different Take On Rotherham

In Rotherham, England, Pakistani Muslim men took advantage of English girls on an enormous scale.

After reading another round of pro-Muslim immigration posts on Facebook, I wanted to post this video as a reply and ask if their daughters should go through this as well so they could show how open-minded they were.

Then I started wondering how Muslim women avoided these fates. Of course, they avoided it because they were raised in that culture and they knew how to behave so that they weren't preyed upon. Islamic women knew the rules. The British girls didn't.

Maybe Rotherham is what happens when you mix these cultures without educating the Westerners first on how to behave around the Muslims. If I add sodium to water, it combusts violently. It's not the fault of the sodium or the water, it's mine because I put them together in the first place. If I add Western girls to large groups of traditional Muslim men, maybe this is the reaction we should all expect.

See also: Sweden, descent into anarchy of.

This reads like an excuse of the rape gangs. It isn't. Instead, I'd suggest that it ought to be a lesson on just how different our cultures are. If you don't respect those differences, if you don't understand and appreciate them, truly terrible things can happen.

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