Thursday, November 19, 2015

Woodrow Wilson Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

So the kids at Princeton are all up in arms about old Woody.
Student protesters filled Princeton’s historic Nassau Hall Wednesday afternoon, sitting in the university president’s office and refusing to leave until their demands to improve the social and academic experiences of black students on campus are met — starting with an acknowledgement of famous alumnus Woodrow Wilson’s “racist legacy” and the removal of his name from all buildings.
Woodrow was a racist, to be sure, but then again, most Democrats pre-1970 were, too. Old FDR refused to allow Jesse Owens to visit the White House after his heroic performance in the 1936 Olympics. FDR also put a member of the Klan on the Supreme Court and it was that dude what wrote the "separation of church and state" ruling.

Once you get started down this road, there probably aren't many old time Democrats who are safe, it being the party of segregation and all. We've reached a new battlespace for the Social Justice crowd. Now not only are the progressives devouring each other, they're devouring their past. It's hilarious on so many levels and seemingly unstoppable.

If my daughter's experiences in public high school are anything to go by, these children have been steeped in grievance theory. Some of them will be naturally hot-tempered as some of all of us are and those are not going to be calmed down without re-conditioning them to see the past in a more nuance way. Oh yeah, that's going to be easy.

This could go a long way before it stops.

Racism, sexism, rape ... these guys (Carter excluded, probably) are a treasure trove of aggressions of all sizes.

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