Monday, November 02, 2015

Of Canines And Croquettes

Two little odds and ends today.

The Catican Guard recruits (a pair of adolescent, female Chihuahua-mixes) have sabotaged our irrigation system. Since we live in SoCal, we try to be water-conscious and so our yard is rock, flagstone, grasses and shrubs. Our irrigation is almost entirely drip. The pupsters have decided that it's great fun to chew on the drip lines. Fortunately, they've not gone after the main feed lines, so the leaks are thin streams shooting across the yard, not huge fountains. Repair work is in my future tonight.

I recently found Catalina Offshore Products, a semi-local seafood market that sells high-quality, local picked crab meat. I went out and bought The Louisiana Seafood Bible: Crabs because the other titles in that series have been fabulous. Last night, I made Crab Croquettes which are blobs of mashed potatoes, crab, finely chopped onion and bell pepper which are deep fried. I'm still need to work on my deep frying skills, but all in all it was decent. Not worth a repeat, unlike most of the recipes from those books, but it was still pretty good.


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tim eisele said...

The croquettes look good, although I'm not sure I could face eating one just yet. Over the summer, I volunteered at a Rotary fund-raising dinner and ran the deep fryer for most of the afternoon. And now, even the thought of the smell of hot, used oil makes me feel a bit ill. I hate to think what it would be like to have to run one of those things day after day in some seafood restaurant.