Friday, July 10, 2015

ISIS And Our Social Justice Warriors

... are members of fundamentalist religious movements, destroying cultural icons they hate.

There's a Wall Street Journal article today discussing how lots of Confederate war memorials are under attack with plenty of people in favor of pulling them down. Like ISIS smashing cultural monuments they hate, the SJWs are doing this as an homage to their gods. In the case of ISIS, it's Allah. In the case of the SJWs, it's themselves. It's an appeal to a higher power, the sacrifice of a defeated foe after a battle to appease a god.

In neither case can the religious zealots point to actual mechanisms by which this destruction will cause good things to happen. For the SJWs, after they're done wrecking the monuments and go back to binge-watching shows on Netflix, blacks in our inner cities will continue to be shot, robbed and raped in huge numbers. Black lives may matter to them, but it's hard to see how those lives will be any better afterwards. ISIS has a slightly better case in that their destruction is part of a war of extermination and is a message to their routed foes: Get out and don't come back!

On the other hand, what if the Social Justice Warriors are carrying out sort of a war of extermination as well?



Trigger Warning said...

Next: the the fleur de lis.

K T Cat said...


I figure my daughter's alma mater, named after Junipero Serra, will change it's name within the next 10 years, probably to something like Zapata High School.

And then there's this: My 2003 study of 49 state U.S. history standards revealed that not one of these guides to classroom content even mentioned the key role of Africans in supplying the Atlantic slave trade.