Friday, July 24, 2015

In Case You Were Wondering

... 0350 is not a good time to get up.

The new Catican Guard recruits sleep in a crate downstairs. Once they're thoroughly house trained, they'll sleep with us. Early this morning, we awoke to what sounded like a puppy choking on something. Huge coughs from a very small dog scared us into going downstairs to check on them.

The thing to know is that going downstairs, even if it's at 4AM, starts a morning routine that cannot be undone. Doors are opened, little dogs are taken outside, food is served and a general good time is had by all. The fear that one of them had swallowed something dreadful overwhelmed our need for sleep, so down I went and up I stayed. It was all a false alarm, so I let my wife go back to sleep while I hung out with the little creatures.


Whatever they do, it's impossible to stay mad at them.

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Anonymous said...

I get up at 4:20 am, Monday through Friday. If, for some reason, my alarm didn't go off, I will feel a dog paw on my arm, trying to gently, but firmly, wake me. We ("We" being my husband and I) like to sleep in a little later on weekends, so on Friday and Saturday nights, the dog sleeps in the living room.