Saturday, July 18, 2015

A War On Objective Reality

I missed the ESPYs when they were on TV, but my son, a sports freak, told me the whole thing was incredibly weird. ESPN has lost one of its viewers in him, save for when they broadcast actual sporting events. I finally saw a snippet of Bruce Jenner's speech and was shocked by the surreal incongruity of it all.

Bruce still has a man's face and a man's voice. He's got implants that look like breasts and he was dressed in an evening gown. As he spoke, you saw the audience listening in rapt attention to a man who had mutilated his body and drenched it in female hormones. They applauded like it was the politburo after one of Stalin's speeches - long and thunderous, no one wanting to be the first one to stop. My buddy Dean Riehm noted that Brett Favre looked puzzled at the whole thing.
The snippet I watched felt like tuning in to a speech at a lunatics' convention. I expected the next speaker to come out dressed like Napoleon and have a severe body tic. Maybe Tourette's Syndrome to go along with it. The other thought that jumped out at me was that if Bruce had thought he was a chicken and stapled feathers to his body, he wouldn't have won the ESPY. Message: It's OK to be insane, so long as it's about your crotch.

Elsewhere, Ben Shapiro, appearing on some TV freak show ESPY discussion as a panel guest, dared to call a transgendered guy, "Sir." Everyone went bananas and the transgendered dude threatened him. Ben was still able to make the ultimate point, as you can see here.

It's not just that we're embracing mental illness and delusion as a society, it's that most of us are fleeing from the enforcers of the mob that is fighting objective reality. The black guy on the panel who wasn't fond of Bruce Jenner's award made sure to let everyone know, in pathetic, abject surrender, that he thought Bruce was a woman, just like he should.

Bruce isn't a woman. Not in any biological sense of the word. He's playing dress up and American society is bowing down to him and agreeing that he is, indeed a woman.

Elsewhere, a Muslim man, well-connected with objective reality, gunned down 5 infidels. The post-modern progressives see no long-term threat in him, but an enormous one in people like Ben Shapiro. That's what happens when you discard objective reality.


Ilíon said...

This is why they *have* to turn to persecuting us -- even to the point of murdering us.

They have collectively agreed to lie about reality and about the nature of reality. We won't join the lies. That, in itself, would be enough, in their minds, to justify persecuting us. But, when reality asserts itself, as it will and must, in their magical thinking, that will be *our* fault. So, in their rage, they will murder us, if they can.

K T Cat said...

I agree, maybe not up to the murder part, but certainly with physical threats, court actions, vandalism and more. It's a Holy War for them and we represent that Great Evil, objective reality.

Doo Doo Econ said...

While the first commenters' remark sound harsh, totalitarianism often follows that path.

We need to be careful in a world where anti-Americanism is the overwhelming college curriculum. Where murderers come from that world radicalized and ready to take action, yet there is not even the consideration of investigating or discussing the issue.

Ilíon said...

When have the People of the Lie *not* mass-murdered everyone who would not bow to their idols (and many who do) anytime they get their hands on the levers of State violence?