Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Women's Soccer

... is, sadly for me, not as much fun to watch as men's soccer unless my daughter is playing.

Last night, my wife and I watched the US Women's team beat Colombia in the World Cup. Both teams were good and the US team played extremely well. Still, I kept waiting for a fast break or some laser shots on goal like I see in the English Premier League. None came. The game was so much slower than the professional men's games I watch that it finally became difficult to sit through. Women simply don't have the athletic skills that men have.

A discussion with friends about the differences between men's and women's professional sports led to someone noting that a French girl, Melissa Mayeux, has been placed on an MLB team's scouting list. We couldn't see that ever going anywhere. Speed, strength, stamina - she's physically outclassed by the guys.

Related, on a tip from someone I can't recall, I checked out the sprinting results from the 2012 Olympics and the New Jersey High School State Track Meet. Here are the comparisons between the fastest women in the world and the fastest high school boys in New Jersey.

100M: 2012 Olympic winner, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce would have finished second in the New Jersey high school boy's meet.

200M: Winner Allyson Felix would have finished 6th in New Jersey.

400M: Winner Sanya Richards-Ross would have finished a full second behind the 10th place New Jersey boy.

Finally, going back to baseball, a friend looked up the fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman. 69 MPH. That's Charlie Hough knuckleball territory. Not bad. Charlie Hough was a lot of fun to watch. Maybe not fun to catch, but he was fun to watch,


Trigger Warning said...

Sweden's women's national football team suffered a crushing defeat during a friendly in Stockholm on Tuesday [2013], with the country's top female players finding themselves shutout by an undermanned local boys team.

"Gender" is socially constructed. :-D

IlĂ­on said...

This is Thoughtcrime!