Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Not The SSM

... it's the way it was done. Had California, for example, voted to approve SSM, I'd be unhappy, but not terribly so. If my fellow citizens want it and legally enact it, then I must render unto Caesar. I'm a Catholic who chooses to live in the US and I have to accept the outcome of elections.

When elections no longer matter because the government can make laws on whim and simply disregard the rules, the voters and logic, then I've got a real problem with that. That's happened over and over lately with ObamaCare, our now-open borders, gay marriage and much more. We voted against all of these things, but they happened anyway.

Or is the problem still my own because Caesar has decided to become a dictator?


Renee said...

The oligarchs don't care what you think.

Rose said...

We've passed a turning point.