Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Funniest Link Of The Day

Just click here and laugh.


tim eisele said...

I have to agree. Most state flags are pretty pathetic. Especially all the "blue field with the state seal on it" flags, like the Michigan flag (I don't think any of them could be told apart from each other at any distance). I actually like a number of the more distinctive ones, though, like Arizona, Ohio, Texas, and New Mexico.

For some reason, most flag designers don't give much thought to the purpose of a flag (to show whose ship, fort, or military unit that is way over there), and so end up with things that might look OK up close, but are just an indistinct patch of color at any distance.

Actually, this is kind of like what ends up happening with Powerpoint slides - what looks OK up on your computer screen a foot away, ends up being impossible to read when projected on a little bitty screen way off on the other side of the conference room.

lee said...

Up in Vallejo, there are states flags by the ferry building. And Tim Eisele is right -- the blue ones with a seal on the middle all look alike at a distance. A pretty short distance at that.