Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cheezburger of the Day

... and it's right on the money! Our Maximum Leader and I have had an understanding for over ten years now. She gets one snack per night at a time of her choosing. She finds a way to make noise, I get up and give her some crunchies and then go back to bed. Any more noise and she gets a pillow thrown at her. It seems to work pretty well.

Until about 6:30AM. If I sleep in past that, she declares the agreement null and void and makes a ton of racket until I get up and the morning breakfast ritual begins. Since I like to get up early anyway, it's usually not a problem.

In any case, here's the Cheezburger. Enjoy!

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lee said...

I get up at 4:20. Sometime around 4:00, the cat will settle down on top of me. It doesn't usually wake me up. But it means she's ready to start giving me heck when my alarm does go off!

The dog used to start getting nervous that I wouldn't wake up on time -- around 3:30, she'd get up and sit next to me at the head of the bed. And get more and more antsy, and by a few minutes before my alarm would go off, she's be crying. Then ecstatic with joy once I got out of bed. If you're noticing the past tense, not to worry. She's fine, sitting here, but she's been banished to the living room at night. (She's a lab, they can be very emotional when it comes to food.)