Saturday, April 11, 2015

Surround Yourself With Good People

... the kind you want to imitate.

I'm working the men's retreat weekend again and it's been a lovely experience so far. Possibly my favorite one ever. I said that 6 months ago on the last one, so who knows, I'll probably be saying it again 6 months from now.

I'm working in the kitchen this time, mostly doing dishes. I'm learning professional cooking techniques from the chefs and restaurant owners who are also working the weekend. Lots of jokes, lots of great food, excellent meditations, all while we serve the candidates - men here for their first Cursillo weekend.

Chatting yesterday with my roommate, we talked about our lives before we started this spiritual journey. We had friends, but in many cases, they weren't helping us lead happier lives. Some of us drank too much, some slept around, some pursued money and status. We chased pleasure, but didn't find the happiness we have now.

One of the keys has been surrounding ourselves with Godly men. Up here with over a hundred guys, we talk about the things that affect every guy - wives, kids, jobs, money, pleasures - but we're all helping each other be better Christians so we can adore our wives, support our children and enjoy those pleasures the way God wants us to.

One of the guys talked about how he used to discuss women with his old friends. It was all about getting laid without love or commitment. He saw how empty his life was, but it wasn't until he had friends like the ones on this retreat that he saw how rich and beautiful life could be.

I pray you have or find friends like this.

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