Friday, April 03, 2015

So, How's That Whole Kristallnacht Thing Going?

Memories Pizza was forced to close because of death threats the business received in response to its owners' statements regarding RFRA and service to gay customers (they said they would serve anyone but could not in good conscience cater a gay wedding)...The owners of Memories Pizza, the O'Connor family, did not willingly seek out controversy, deny service to a gay person or couple, or even go out on a limb to suggest that they would. No, they merely responded to a question from Alyssa Marino, a local reporter for ABC 57 News who had come to their shop in search of a story.
Raus hier, Christen!

Eugene Robinson, ever the willing lapdog of race- and gender-based fascism*, has penned a lovely piece of propaganda literature rallying the faithful. It's called, Pizza With a Side of Hate. It could just as well have been entitled, Einige Gedanken sind verboten.

Artist's conception of Eugene Robinson.
* - I would argue that his pieces sound best in their original German.


Trigger Warning said...

Senor Gato: "I would argue that his pieces sound best in their original German."

I agree. Guttural, with a spritz of spittle. Dan Savage, in fact, is in that category but with a slight lisp.

K T Cat said...

You know what's shovel ready? Building a re-education camp. That's shovel-ready. Think of how many jobs we could create by building them all over the country!

Doo Doo Econ said...

I see it as the American wing of the Genocide vs Christians and Western values.

There is just no consequential difference between Islam and progressivism at this point.

One is a political ideology disguised as religion and the other is the religion disguised as a political ideology. At any given moment, they are interchangeable.

K T Cat said...

Good point. Another parallel is the endless shouting. It's the same tactic they're using in the Universities, simply shouting down people they disagree with or refusing them the right to speak.