Monday, April 06, 2015

Link of the Day

I thought this was awesome. It's a perfect fit to what my daughter has experienced in her public high school. Our government has created a generation of young people aching to find an injustice to thwart. It doesn't matter if the injustice is real, so long as they can attack the "bigots" they've longed to find.
Why do so many young adults paint absurd caricatures of Christians who request government protection of their religious freedoms, arguing their true goal is to ban gay men from sitting at the local lunch counter? Why do they spread falsehoods about legislation, insisting that bills like the one recently signed by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will unleash a Republican-led Jim Crow revival aimed at the LGBT community? Why do so many people, Gen Xers and younger, invent a monster of anti-gay bigotry and keep screaming the monster is real despite a mountain of contrary facts standing before them?

The answer is “social studies.” My generation engages in straw men, misinformation, and lies because, in every year of social studies class, we studied the civil-rights movement not as history, but as hagiography. We didn’t just learn what events happened on American soil, we were encouraged to mimic the segregation-defeating holy ones and merit for ourselves a place alongside them in glory. Combining that admonition with our general aversion to hard work, we concluded that the only thing necessary to be as righteous as the saints who fought racial injustice was to decry an injustice that no one else was. And we became so desperate to find that injustice, we lost our minds in the process.
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Ilíon said...

I'd read that a few days ago (and thought about linking to it). I agree that it's a pretty good analysis of what's going on.

Ilíon said...

But, even more than that is an implicit alliance between the leftists (who have been working for at least two centuries to stamp out Christianity) and those who have bought into the false and self-destructive ethos of the so-called Sexual Revolution.

Even more that getting halos they never lifted the first finger to earn, this is about trying to silence those of us who have the audacity to keep pointing out that using people (including oneself) as being of no more consequence than one of those blow-up dolls one hears about from time to time is all the proof others needs to know that one has no halo.