Sunday, January 11, 2015

The End Game Is Easy To See

... if you're Nostradamus.

In Afghanistan, Muslim crazies used mortars to blow up centuries-old Buddha statues. In Iraq, they burned ancient, Catholic churches to the ground. In Nigeria, they recently stormed a village and killed about 2,000 people.

There are something like 6 million Muslims in France, free to move about and engage in commerce. Some of them are crazy. Some of them are, shall we say, less than impressed with French culture. Museums full of French art, for example, may be sacred to the French natives, but are not sacred to the Muslim crazies. Mohammed is sacred to Muslim crazies.

If you're going to draw Mohammed in various slanderous poses and you've got 6 million potential enemy combatants in your country and lots of ill-defended cultural icons, you might want to consider just how this is all going to end. Yes, you defended free speech. Now you need to think about defending the Louvre.

Aside: A friend of mine called car bombs the strategic bombing campaign of a military that lacks an air force. How many museums can stand up to a direct hit by a thousand-pound bomb?

What strikes me the most about our war on Islamofascism is how mentally unprepared the West is. With every move, we assume that we can dictate just how far things will escalate. When President Obama decided to bomb ISIS in Iraq, all I could think was that we had a long, undefended border and lots and lots of soft targets. At least with America, the Muslim crazies aren't already here in huge numbers like they are in France.

On the plus side, we can still draw crude porn pictures of religious figures, so we've got that going for us.

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Trigger Warning said...

I take your point about the crude porn pix, but the truth is that Charlie Hebdo would have been smashed into oblivion on any American college campus. For example, Brandeis, ironically named for Justice Louis Brandeis, sanctioned a white Jewish student for quoting the venomous tweets of a black student.